Jan Heba


My career:

I am an actor, director and trainer with 20 years’ experience of performing on stage and teaching. In 2007 I set up my own training company. I’ve given courses on public appearances and impression management, coaching, voice training. I am a certified trainer.




I am truly happy to recommend Mr Jan Szczygieł’s services. In 2008 I took part in a workshop entitled “The Art of Public Speaking”, conducted by Mr Szczygieł.  The course was  very dynamic and the trainer made an effort to adapt the level of training to the needs of the participants. Mr Szczygieł answered various difficult questions, frequently relying on his own experience, handling problems with clarity and patience.  There is no doubt he really enjoys sharing his knowledge and experience. After completing the course I consciously started using many of the techniques which I had so far only used unconsciously and intuitively.

One thing that deserves particular praise were the course materials prepared by Mr Szczygieł, which provide a comprehensive and clear reference material that I have consulted many times since the end of the course.

Mr Szczygieł is a competent and flexible trainer with professional knowledge.  I sincerely recommend his training workshops: they are not only a chance to work a charismatic person but offer an original approach to issues any public speaker will find relevant.

With best regards

Maciej Pieczyński
NYCOMED Pharma Sp. z o.o.

Technical Department Manager

My hobbies:

I love hiking in the mountains for the views and sport. I go swimming. I’m keen on photography.  Training others is my passion :-)





The Leon Schiller National Higher School of Film, Television and Theatre

master studies

majored in actor/director

October 1990 - June 1995


achievements:  professional references or appearances in:

Agencja Produkcji Telewizyjnych TVP (The Agency of Television Productions of Polish TV)
Program kulturalny "Pegaz" TVP 1 (a TV show about culture shown on Channel 1)


Professional experience


Training courses


since October 2006

duties: trainer, actor, TV presenter


certified trainer-practitioner

since May 2006


Polish Television Channel TV4



since January 2001

TV 4 "Wokanda" – creating and hosting the programme.
The Agency of Television Productions of Polish TV – creating and hosting the programme

TVP 1 "PEGAZ" – a TV show about culture: documentaries and interviews
TVP 1 "Koniec Końców" – commentary – 2nd director, documentaries.


The actor is represented by Role Play Agency:


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