It is said that each one of us is a unique individual... True, but what if you are just one more supplier in a crowd of competitors, all offering a very similar product or service? Or a very boring, easily predictable manager, who doggedly continuous his futile attempts to convince employees of the necessity of introducing changes, focusing on increased efficiency or limiting costs...

People buy others for very simple reasons ...

It is because they are captivating, charismatic, witty, nice ...

They are preferred to others because they are reliable, coherent, outstanding, attentive.

Actually, though, it all comes down to knowing how to sell yourself while remaining yourself.

Being yourself is being reliable ...

Knowing how to sell yourself means knowing what others expect in a given situation and finding ways to distinguish skills and services that you have to offer from those offered by others.


The training is intended mainly for managers, sales managers and trainers, who depend on their personal image in their daily work and use it as a means of influencing their (internal and external) customers, business partners and employees.

The objective is to equip the participants with a range of methods enabling them to achieve goals that depend on impression management that is reliable, convincing and effective under specific conditions.

After the course participants will be able to:

·         adapt their behaviour to the goals, situations, professional and social roles

·         feel comfortable and confident in different situations

·         use the individual power of personal potential

·         use tools of impression management

·         stand out from the crowd ...


The course covers areas such as:

·         influencing others: what to do to make others listen to you with friendly attention and openness and make yourself audible and understandable;

·         influencing others by verbal and non-verbal cues;

·         correct use of the speech apparatus as a distinguishing factor.  Exercises to improve motor control. Respiratory exercises.  Breathing has a major effect on the quality and effectiveness of spoken words.

·         voice care: how to look after your voice, avoid voice injuries and enjoy your voice for many years.

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